Imagination gone wild

Jenifer Lopez, Journalist

    Five seniors at Teton High School are taking Art IV, which is an independent study course. These young artists, Aspyn Atchley, Madi Nedrow, Allison Moulton, Maggie Graupner, and Gavin Behrens spend the year creating a portfolio with things they learned from the past or things they researched on their own.

     Art teacher Katie Cavallaro said, “I like to see students grow. It’s really exciting to me to see how they develop as artists, through the four years they are taking art classes.” Overall they are allowed to use any media they want.


Aspyn Atchley

     Student artist Aspyn Atchley has played three sports, basketball, volleyball, and softball, and loves to be around with her family. 

     She has many reasons for taking Art IV. “I have always just loved art, and Mrs. Cavallaro is definitely my favorite teacher. I just love the environment here,” said THS student Aspyn Atchley. She’s working on a graphite portrait of herself and her brothers for her mom. Aspyn likes working with graphite the most out of all the mediums, and this is her favorite portrait so far.




Madi Nedrow

     Madi Nedrow embraces many forms of art and is planning to publish a book before she dies. Nedrow, who moved back to Teton Valley four years ago, has lived in four states, and when she moved here, she was very excited to find out that Teton High School had an art program. As part of Art IV,  she did a charcoal piece of Marilyn Monroe. It has been her favorite piece so far. Although her favorite art piece was done by charcoal, acrylic paint is one of Madi’s favorite mediums to use.



Allison Moulton

     Allison Moulton is a seventeen year-old artist. Who would rather do art than school any day of the week. One of her favorite pieces is a large canvas with newspaper on the back, little lines all over it and a figure that comes off of the canvas itself. She said, “He’s like an abstract man that looks pretty cool. Over quarantine, I did a lot of art pieces like it, and I have five other canvases filled with the guy itself, just that they’re all different colors.”




Maggie Graupner

     One of senior four artists, Maggie Graupner’s favorite piece was an abstract portrait. “It’s very much my style, but I’ve never done anything like it,” said Graupner. During the process of this masterpiece she was able to find her style. It was the first piece that did it for her and she was really happy about it. She also had the resources to finally finish it, because earlier she wasn’t able to finish her piece at home.





Gavin Behrens

     While working on two of his art pieces, Gavin Behrens said drawing is his favorite thing to do in Art IV. At first, he was unsure about the drawing he was doing, so he started over. He’s so glad that he did. “I don’t know it’s kind of me just messing around with drawing.” As Gavin was messing around with the drawing, he had noticed that he liked it better than his first, “I was going to draw something else, but I screwed that up. I just turned it into something way cooler,” said Behrens of his dinosaur/nature piece.