Double standard in dress code at THS

James Allen, Journalist

     Every year, dress code violations become a problem for administrators, and every year students come to terms with the double standard that exists at THS. 

     In the Teton High School student handbook, it states that students can be dress coded for wearing clothing that is “considered offensive or immoral.” although this statement leaves many things up to interpretation. 

     More to the point, far more restrictions exist for young women in our school than young men. A guy can wear short shorts, and although he may get some weird looks, no one will say anything to him. If a girl were to wear the same clothing, she would be asked to change or cover up. 

     How is this teaching our students that men and women are equal and held to equal standards? 

     Shouldn’t we teach our students to treat men and women equally?

     Dress coding young women is not only degrading to women. The idea that a woman’s shoulder is distracting to men and they can’t focus on school is appalling and a disgusting stereotype. It paints a picture of young men as impulsive and sex driven instead if tolerable and respective. If you tell a fish he is an eagle his entire life, that is what he will believe. We should teach tolerance and respect instead of censorship.  

     With this double standard and the inconsistency within different classrooms on what teachers will and will not dress code, students are left confused and angry. I think our school should relax the dress code or enforce it more fairly. We need to strive to improve our dress code and make sure we keep in mind the image that we are putting out to not only our student body, but also to the community. 

     There are three main ways to remedy the situation: we can relax the standards we hold young women to so it is the same standard that we hold the men to or we can hold men to the same standard that we hold the young woman in our school to. However, the solution that makes the most sense and addresses more of the issues is to look at the dress code and reform it so that it is clear and allows men and women how to express themselves more freely. This allows students to not be restricted to unnecessary clothing rules and holds everyone to the same standard. This would alleviate the frustration many students feel towards the dress code, and would erase the confusion regarding what is “immoral and offensive.”