How to deal with school stress

How to deal with school stress

Leif Russon, Journalist

     Stress is the biggest mental health challenge at Teton High School according to school guidance counselor Sara White. With schoolwork, sports, and jobs it is easy for the students to become overwhelmed. Luckily, there are preventative measures students can take to sideline this issue. 

     To reduce the stress students can be sure to stay on top of their work. School guidance counselor Debbie Woolstenhulme recommended showing up to school everyday with a good attitude to help prevent falling behind. Preventing work pileup by turning everything in on time is important as well. White said to come see the school counselors to help with catching up or to talk directly to the teachers to create a plan to catch up.

     White recommended prioritizing mental health above everything else. Maintaining a healthy mental state is essential for doing well in school. “Come see your school counselor,” said White. She said to keep a strong support group of friends, family, and teachers.

     Taking time to do the things you love is important to destress. “Do something you enjoy doing,” said Woolstenhulme. She recommended spending time with friends and family to distract from stressors. 

     White said to get involved in the things that bring joy and are fun such as sports, reading, and writing to help relieve stress. She said to 

     Exercise is also essential for staying mentally healthy according to PE teacher Sara Christensen. She said to be sure to be drinking water and eating sufficient amounts of healthy food.