The Female of the Species is a must-read

Frida Montalvo, Lead-Editor

   People believe that men are more violent than women, but the only reason they believe this is because women don’t show just how much deadlier they are. Girls are told that they should behave like ladies and because of that, they should keep their anger for themselves. Violence is not “appropriate for a young girl.” In Mindy McGinnis’ novel, The Female of the Species, this attitude and female rage are displayed across the pages.

     According to the plot, three years ago, protagonist Alex Craft went through the horrors of losing her older sister by the hands of a killer, who after months of investigation was not captured. Now, as Alex goes through her senior year, she fights off the darkness and violence of her own actions. With her own crime being unpunished, Alex knows she can’t get close to anyone, not Jack Fisher, a golden boy who has an interest in her, and certainly not Peekay, otherwise known as the preacher’s kid and who has a rebellious side and wants to befriend her.

     This novel is narrated with the point of view of these three characters, which brings different versions of the events of the novel and different perspectives on having a connection to a person dealing with homicidal thoughts.

     The Female of the Species touches themes that every other suspense novel on a high school setting is too scared to touch, such as a girl being an avenger for those in need by unleashing the violence inside her, the struggles that come with popularity and sexual assault. McGinnis did not shy away with her words, either, and explained things in the most raw and pure way as possible. Due to realism in this novel, there is some language and explicit description, but that does not take away the beauty of it.

     The Female of the Species is a roller coaster of emotions and has a surprise in every chapter, with the ending being the biggest surprise of them all. This novel brings a new perspective on violence.

     With beautiful darkness and realism printed on its pages, The Female of the Species is definitely a must-read for those in search of a great suspense and a good adrenaline rush. Nothing will be the same after you have submerged yourself into the mind of a psychopath and her twisted justice.

“For the female of is more deadly than the male.”   Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)