STUCO needs more student involvement


From left to right: Sophomore Branlee Mose, junior Tatum Streit, freshman Megan Bonilla, freshman Taylor Driggs, freshman Kalia Moncur, senior Cameron Butler, junior Kylie Hawkins, senior Ally Moulton, junior Elizabeth Jolley, junior David Morales, senior Megan Dalley, senior Hyrum Heuseveldt, sophomore Saoirse Palmer, senior Forest Warting, sophomore Kelly Yarbrough, senior Blake Hibbert, Mr. Craw. Not pictured: Senior Melanie Juarez and senior Maggie Graupner.

Miguel Garcia, Journalist

     This year, student council is looking for students who want to become involved in their school. Also known as STUCO, student council has opened many positions for students looking to become involved. Math teacher Steve Craw, who is the adviser for STUCO, said that each year positions in the areas of representatives, officers, and presidents need to be filled.

     At the beginning of this year, STUCO was looking for motivated students to make decisions for the school. Because the underclassmen didn’t become involved, the student council has been dominated by seniors this year. Craw opened two positions for vice president, which were meant to be filled by students in the junior class. These positions ultimately ended up being taken by the seniors due to the lack of interest from other grades. 

     Craw would like to see more involvement from other grades next year. He said, “We need hardworking, leaders and creative people. “ We get a lot of great ideas, but it’s just an idea until you put it into practice. It takes someone willing to take that idea and put it into practice.”

     Being involved in extracurricular activities is very important when you enter school. It can help students on college resumes, but also put them out of their comfort zone and help them interact with new people you may not know. Joining the student council can also help make school interesting, students can come up with themes for school dances and homecoming, posters, and events and help them become a reality. THS guidance counselor Debbie Woolstenhulme said, “Student Council is a great opportunity for students to show their leadership skills. I love the good example that they can set for the younger classmen.“ 

     Craw believes that becoming involved in student government is a good opportunity. “STUCO gives you lots of chances to make a difference in school, a chance to make contributions to your school,” he said.

     If you would like to be part of the student council next year contact Mr. Craw for more information.