Mask wearing causing skin problems? Heres what to do.


      People can suffer from any skin conditions such as dryness, acne, eczema, oiliness, and hyperpigmentation. A lot of these skin problems start when we go through puberty. With constant mask wearing, this can make the problems worst for our skin, which is why it is important that we care for our skin.

     In Korea emphasis on natural beauty, has made skincare a standard. Everyone has a skincare routine. Korean skincare is more about maintaining the skin. In the United States, skincare rituals are marketed to a very small demographic of people. Mostly to women with lots of money. But despite this, skincare can still be for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, skin color, or salary.

     In recent years, many United States brands have been appearing and started releasing skincare products, which has made skincare more popular and widespread. Some of the most popular brands are, The Ordinary, La Mer, and one of the newest editions, Fenty Skin. 

     Despite what people say, one does not need to spend hundreds of dollars to have a solid routine. The Ordinary proves this. Most of their products range from $5 to $20. As opposed to La Mer, which products are arguably worst than a $5 serum from The Ordinary and cost hundreds of dollars. 

     The Ordinary is a perfect brand to start with, it has a vast catalog of products for every skin problem, while still staying on a reasonable budget. Some brands such as La Mer offer a very luxurious experience, but often times have very little benefit for the skin. Tatcha is an example of a skincare brand that has a high price point, but the products have extremely beneficial ingredients. Fenty Skin was released by american superstar, Rihanna to market skincare products to black people.

     Every consumer should look at the ingredient lists of their products and stay away from Alcohol. Alcohol has been known to reduce the amount of moisture in your skin and cause faster aging. Another from of alcohol is fragrance. People with sensitive skin will have a problem with scented products because it can cause irritation. Fragrance offers no benefit to your skin.