THS cross country displays good team spirit

James Allen, Journalist

     If you ever have had the opportunity to see a Teton cross country meet, you’ve probably heard the team cheer. 

     It begins with a call and response. A senior runner begins it by calling out, “What are we?” and then other runners respond, “Mobile! Agile! Hostile!”  While there’s more to this cheer, but the main purpose is to get runners to focus on their races and bring them together. Junior Leif Russon said it best when he summed it up as “It’s a good pump up.” 

     Steeped in years of tradition, the cheer unites the team and gives them a sense of connection to their predecessors, the young men and women who are Teton harriers from the past. The Teton cross country team has a rich culture that welcomes people from all walks of life and makes them brothers and sisters under one banner. From the team cheer to pasta parties before races, the team has an incredible bond that allows them to move forward as one unit toward a common goal.

     Senior Lance Safiran looked back fondly at overnight races to Boise and reminisced about time well spent with his team. Safiran said, “It’s fun to be with the team,” a sentiment also echoed by his fellow teammate, Gavin Behrens. 

     Safiran, a seasoned runner and easily one of the most successful runners on the team, puts many long miles put in all summer.  He is looking forward to his senior year with optimism and excitement for State. 

     The sense of community on the cross country team is palpable. The team does many after practice get-togethers like pasta parties and  Taco Tuesdays. This makes the bonds on the team extremely strong.  John Woiwode, another Teton senior, has high hopes for his 2020 cross country season. Woiwode started his cross country journey in sixth grade. He went from middle of the pack when he started and worked his way up to become one of the fastest on the team. This year, Woiwode has tangible goals.  He said,  “I’m hoping to qualify nationally at footlocker.” Footlocker, an event held in California is one of the biggest races in the West Coast and offers steep competition. 

     Even though only some of the teammates attend the footlocker race, the runners have the spirit of their teammates echoed in the team cheer. 

     “How do you run?”

     “Like a cult!” 

     “How do you rule?” 

     “Like a king!”