Teton High School’s amazing custodians

Leif Russon, Journalist

     The first thing Jose Vasquez will tell you about being a custodian at Teton High School is that he loves his job. Vasquez, who has worked for the school district for eighteen years, said the students treat the school with respect.

Jose Vazquez is a one of the hard working custodians of Teton High School
(Leif Russon)

     With the pandemic, the custodians have new responsibilities. Multiple times a day, they have to sanitize door handles, door frames, tables, and anything else touched by the students. Their new responsibilities have increased their workload; however, they push through the hard work.  “It’s a little more work to do,” said Vasquez. 

     The love the custodians have of the students of the school is shared in how well they do their jobs. The custodians are always willing to make friends with the students, “if you try to be friends with [the custodians] they’ll be your friends, too,” said Vasquez.

     The custodians have to find time to finish their work each day by working faster with longer hours. Salgado enjoys working in the evening. She starts working at 8 pm. and continues until 1 am. Because she has young children and a family, the schedule allows her to spend time with them.

     When Salgado was asked if the students take care of the school, she responded, “Well, they’re kids.” Vasquez said he appreciates that the students wipe down the desks. “I don’t know what we’d do … we’d have to clean all the desks … I’d have to be here 24/7,” said Vasquez. 

     Salgado also likes her job and feels like the expectations are doable. She said, “I wouldn’t call it hard, I enjoy working here, I enjoy the people I work with so that makes it not hard.”