THS soccer gets ready for a new year

Miguel Garcia, Journalist

Hard work might be the most compelling similarity for the boys on this year’s soccer team. Although the team members have had their differences this season, they are always committed to improvement.

The boys soccer team has played three games against, Marsh Valley, Snake River, and Firth. In spite of being undefeated so far, some players worry that teamwork is their biggest challenge. Sophomore Charlie Comfort, who plays left back defender for the team this year, said, “We really need to work on being a team more. We sometimes talk bad about each other. We really just need to get over that and become a family on the field.”

The boys soccer team plays well when they come together as a team. This can be seen in their recent game on August 29 against Marsh Valley where Teton triumphed 5-0 and more recently, on September 1 against Snake River, when Teton won with a 15-point lead. Players have said that there is some frustration on the team, but as Junior, Andy Zamora had said “All brothers fight.” He followed thus statements by saying that the team comes together when it’s necessary.

Senior Alan Castro, who is team captain and plays in the position of striker, is also playing football. He said, “It’s hard being the [soccer] captain and playing football. I am not always at practices, but when the team needs me I’m there for them, and I always got their backs.” Castro is putting in extra work at home to try to make up for the missed practices. He said he would like to see his team members stop focusing on other players and focus more on improving their skills.

Perhaps Jon Bredal summed it but best when he said “it’s a great game. It’s- it almost seems like an art rather than a sport; It’s really beautiful to watch when it’s played right.”