Students and staff need to follow mask rule

Frida Montalvo, Editor

     Back in March, the world was made aware that the novel Coronavirus had escalated and that certain measures needed to be taken in order to keep people healthy. The measures were to maintain six feet of distance, wash hands regularly, stay home to recover if sick, and lastly, but most importantly, wear a mask in public spaces.

     Yet it is the last requirement that people fail to do. 

The Howler’s editor, Frida Montalvo, hard at work while wearing her mask.

     In many sports events in Teton Valley, the majority of the people in the crowd are either wearing their mask below their nose or mouth or not wearing it at all. Social distancing hasn’t been in practice for these events, either. As for the classroom, many students have their masks on incorrectly and teachers don’t call them out. 

     Have the experts in the medical field not been clear enough? Wearing a mask will prevent germs from spreading and stop the COVID cases from increasing. It’s a precaution that we need to take so our daily routines can go back to normal and have this disease done for. Why do we need to be told to put on a mask nearly six months into this pandemic?

     In our community, we celebrate the fact that we’re in the Minimal Risk category with cases. However, many people who have asked to be tested have been refused. With this in mind we can come to the conclusion that more cases could be in the valley and we’re not aware of it. That’s why wearing a mask is crucial. It’s best to be safe than sorry.

     For the safety of the students, staff members, and members of the community, please wear a mask and wear it as it should be worn. Wear it whenever you are out in public and social distancing is not possible. If you’re not respecting the mask rule, then establishments, such as the school, have the right to ask you to leave until you wear one.

     Now we’re not asking, we’re demanding you to wear a mask properly for the well being of every member of our community. Let’s be better.